Odzer`s stay at the spa town of Janske Lazne

17. 5. 2010

Odzer spent the second month of his stay in the Cuech Republic at the spa town of Janske Lazne. It helped him greatly to make another step on his way towards recovery. It was the first time after his three operations in Delhi he had undergone a professional physiotherapeutic treatment.

Odzer left for Janske lazne accompanied by his guardian, Gabriela, from the Blueland civic association. This stay was, in fact, the first impulse for Odzer’s visit to the Czech Republic. Having received excellent, uneventful skin grafts in India, Odzer was still in need of professional post operative care. In friendly environment of Krkonose (The Giant Mountains), it was easy for Odzer to adapt to the spa routine. Let us illustrate. Here follows the daily schedule of our little patient:

Individual physiotherapy to achieve the muscle lengthening and strengthening, with Tereza, the lovely therapist

6.30 wake up time
7.00 breakfasts
7.15-9.50 school
10.30-11.00 swimming
11.30-12.00 individual physiotherapy
12-12.30 lunch
12.30-13.00 biotronic lamp (to support scar healing)
13.00-13.45 fiber massage
14-14.30 exercise
14.30-15 snack
15.00-17.00 climate therapy
17.30-17.30 dinner
18.45 bedtime story and sleep

This daily schedule gave Odzer hard time, judging by the fact he would get to bed and fall asleep immediately. In comparison with his life back home in India, in the village of Kargyak, where children commonly eat at 10 pm and start school after 9 am, the spa stay was a change.

What did it bring to Odzer?

The most beneficial was regular and professional care of the physiotherapists, masseurs and teachers. They helped to strengthen his body and improve the movement of his right arm and fingers and armpit.

The stay also bought Odzer awareness that he is not the only person facing difficulties at such youth. The stay in calm environment of Krkonoše had a positive impact on the child soul.

School at Janske Lazne                                                              with Misa, a friend

Our thanks go out to visitors, organizers and performers of the benefit concert Yes Odzer Can! and to all the private donor, namely Standa Příhoda. We would also like to thank all the staff members of Janske Lazne who worked with Odzer, despite the language barrier. Special thanks to Mrs. Nada Trenčianska, Odzer’s scool teacher, for her loving care.