BlueLand civic association

Our aim is development, co-operation and support to people in remote, isolated and forgotten places of Himalayas.In our activities we focus on a support of education, health and development in agriculture. We organize workshops, language courses, sport events and various projects to support the local economy.

BlueLand Civic Association was established in January 18, 2007 and is registered at the Ministry of Home affairs.

New Middle school has been built high in the Indian Himalayas, in altitude 4200m.

New playground for children in Kargyak

19. 5. 2016

Munsel´s message from Kargyak is the first news which we have received after the long winter. Hi everyone in Czech I had a call from Kargyak and they are all busy in their community work near the school.......they

TARA FUKI formations, cave Býčí Skála

8. 5. 2016

We cordially invite you to an extraordinary experience with the formation TARA FUKI, on extraordinary place 28.5.2016 at 17:30