Charity auction of children's drawings and photos

23. 7. 2013

We would like to thank Sunny Canadian School and Gallery Havelka for organizing charity show  and  for supporting  middle  school construction project in the Indian Himalayas.

On Monday, May 9, 2011 in Gallery Havelka met children and parents of Sunny Canadian School Association, along with supporters BlueLand.  Academic painter Anna Matouskova presented during the opening program, through which the school pupils to participate in a charity event. Drawings and paintings depicting themes from children's games, home and nature by children of nursery and primary schools Sunny Canadian School. There were also models but no aircraft or sandblasted glass.

The exhibition was also seen drawings of children from India. Pictures with the most frequently depicted subjects Buddhist monasteries and Buddhist Himalayan peaks. Exotic photos from the "Little Tibet" in the Indian Himalayas and the presentation of the construction of an elementary school in Zanskar visitors closer to the world Buddhist community living in difficult to reach places of our planet.

22 children's drawings and 4 photographs were auctioned at a benefit auction, whose proceeds will be used BlueLand Civic Association to complete the construction of environmentally friendly primary school in India Zanskar. A total auctioned for 23 thousand Czech crowns, which is a sufficient amount of money for the construction of retaining walls of the school.

Thank you very much zřizovatelce School Sunny Canadian School Ing. Alice stunde, galeristce Jitka Grigerové Gallery Havelka, Anna Matouskova Akademisk painter, and of course all the participants of the auction.

Great gallery of beautiful photographs from the exhibition, previews, and a list of children's drawings or reviews in the media, visit Galerie Havelka here.

With great thanks to the Civic Association BlueLand