Solar power plant will light up a new school

24. 6. 2012

In few days we are leaving for Kargyak where we will install a new solar power plant. It will be a difficult road again and our technicians are already in preparation. To make it easier for them to work at high altitudes Jerky company supports them with a gift in the form of dried meat.

Photovoltaic power - India Kargyak

The purpose of this solar power plant is to provide basic energy needs for the school building in Kargyak - in areas without access to main electricity distribution systems. The proposed system consists of four basic components: solar panels, charge controller, batteries and various appliances. Most components will be purchased in India, only a portion of distributions will be prepared in advance in Czech. The plant will be connected the following appliances: energy saving lamps, notebook, TV (with international charger AA battery charger and USB phones). In the worst period, the daily energy available for nine light bulbs 5h + 5h work on a laptop watching TV + 3h + recharge any number of phones or batteries. The tension in the whole system will be 12V DC. Assembly on site will be done by  members of the organization BlueLand c.a., with the help of local villagers.